What is the Biz about The Global Citizen in International Business Education?

Educators, such as William Gaudelli, have noted that it would be hard pressed to find a US business school that does not invoke global citizenship in some form. At the same time, however, one would be challenged to find such missions integrated in course learning outcomes or course components. When business schools do utilize global citizenship (usually from an American management perspective), it appears to be a proxy for globalization of businesses whose process is to deterministically make the world flat; and that the curriculum on anti-globalization perspectives is often avoided because they amount to nonsense.

To be clear, the GlobalCitizenBiz is not attempting to rescue global citizenship from business schools – because it can’t. First, there are just too much complexity and often contradictions within and across the broad category that makes up what we call global citizenship. Second, as noted by the Journal of Teaching in International Business, the success and future of global business education depends critically on the actions of business school deans; and yes, this GlobalCitizenBiz has been guilty of marketing global citizenship as something that can be mastered and to be exploited for some ‘greater good.’

In many ways, the business of global citizenship is challenging those of us who utilize the concept to teach (not so much in the use but) more in the attitudes and approaches that shape the (appropriate ethics?) use of global citizenship.

Nonetheless, this blog will explore the utility of global citizenship, as a framework that fosters global awareness and how the world works without necessarily promoting a particular ideology or political ideology. The aim is to discover whether global citizenship can integrate the interdisciplinary and the multidimensional found in international business education — preparing students to become part responsible in functioning effectively and justly in a more globalized environment. While business students with a global mindset are more favorably inclined toward globalization (than non-business students), a global mindset should be taught in a way that allows students to be empathetic and responsive to the uncertainty and volatility related to global transformational changes — both at home and abroad.  To this end, this is what The Global Citizen in International Business Education is about.

Long Le, Author of the Blog. He is a lecturer and director of the international business minor program at Santa Clara University.

Shawn Vecellio, Editor of the Blog. He is a lecturer of teacher education at Santa Clara University.

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