The global citizen of this blog — whether educator, student, or practitioner — is less about what one knows and more about what one does not know about how the world of “the other” works, and more specifically regarding the interdisciplinary and multidimensional factors found in international business education.

This perspective, as argued by William Gaudelli, reminds the global citizen to recognize her limits and “be open to all that can be learned from myriad points of experience beyond those limits.

By most accounts, globalization is one of the disruptive forces of change for international business, and whose trajectory is inextricably linked to both the business community and business schools, according to the AACSB’s task force report on International Globalization of Management Education. There is a growing concern, however, that business schools have not been successful in contextualizing global complexity and uncertainty in education. That is, business schools are diverting the task of educating students to become effective global citizens to the quest of becoming highly ranked global institutions.

Not surprisingly, business pedagogy has also been criticized for relying on existing theories and approaches, rather than deepening the learning and understanding of globalization as also a process of change that is multi-level and multi-speed.

Therefore, the biz of this blog is about exploring and reflecting on global citizenship as a framework that fosters global awareness and how the world works without necessarily promoting a particular ideology – political or otherwise. Because educators and students can have an impact on globalization itself, the blog also hopes to be a source of dialogue with and for global citizens, that they can become partly responsible for functioning effectively and justly in a more globalized environment.

Lastly, to be successful in such an enterprise, the blog invites all interested educators, students, and practitioners – through guest blogs, bloggers’ latest news, and blog comments that take readers to social or to their own blogs – to contribute to a world that values prosperity, respect, mutuality, and sustainability.

Long Le, author of the blog, is a lecturer and director of the international business minor program at Santa Clara University.

Shawn Vecellio, editor of the blog, is an adjunct faculty member in teacher education at several Bay Area universities.  He can be reached at svecellio@yahoo.com.


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