The Global Citizen’s Roundup: Teaching Business Students in a Warming World

The Biz: We find the below interview with Robert Sroufe to be inspiring, as he utilizes the business school as a learning laboratory in his sustainability course that engages students, faculty, and others in green buildings.

Teaching Business Students in a Warming World by The Aspen Institute’s Ideas Worth Teaching (December 5, 2018)

For many, sustainability is top-of-mind since the UN IPCC report called for dramatic economic transformation within 12 years to adequately respond to climate change. The stark scope of the change needed is all the more reason to examine every measure to transform economic life. Duquesne Professor Robert Sroufe, a winner of the 2017 Ideas Worth Teaching Award, is an expert in putting tools for quantifying environmental impact in the hands of rising business leaders. Continue Reading.



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